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Want to extend a belated shout out to Tanya/OCLES,INC who pulled a seat-back panel off her own e23 to sell me. Had been looking worldwide for a beige replacement panel for 18 months with zero success. She had it in my hands in about 3 days. Outstanding! Who does that?

-- BFH, Colorado
Tech Article

E32 7-Series Emergency Unlock

Last Updated: 10/13/2017
Parts Group: Door, entire assembly
This article discusses how to open the E32 door when the battery inside the car is flat, and the car is locked.

On the passenger door:

- Insert key
- Pull door handle up all the way
- Turn key clockwise 90 degrees
- Release handle
- Continue turning clockwise until stop
- Attempt to open door. If it doesn't open, pump the handle while turning the key clockwise

Driver door should work the same but counter-clockwise.

For whatever reason, we found the passenger door easier to open.
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